Glacier Country Rodeo


2017 - 2018
Winter Schedule

Open Rodeos
    Brash Rodeo Winter Series
      @ Majestic Valley Arena 7:00 pm

Entries are take the Tuesday's prior to the rodeo by calling 307-223-2156. Contestants can also text in the entry in lieu of calling. For more information call 406-250-5110.

Rodeo Dates

All programs are available on the Brash Rodeo Facebook page.  Please invite people to like our page for access to pictures, results, and standings.  Any last minute schedule changes may be reported there as well.


Junior contestants must be 14 years old or younger by the start of the series.

Event rules are governed by the NRA/NWRA rule book, which can be found on the NRA/NWRA website

Team Roping